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Upgrade an Ambulance


Almost $1000 in donations were collected in Week 3, and URE Poland added these to previous donations given to purchase a new stretcher for the ambulance! In the week 4 we will upload a picture of happy Sebastian and Pawel who are part of a volunteer search and rescue group from Pszczyna, Poland.

Sebastian and Pawel are part of a volunteer search and rescue group from Pszczyny, Poland. All of their equipment was purchased with their own money and donations. They are currently running a first-aid station near the Polish-Ukrainian border. They coordinate with official Polish public medical services and provide assistance when official resources are stretched thin. The ambulance is posted at the first-aid station and used mainly to provide immediate transportation to a hospital when a patient requires emergency services beyond what is available at the first-aid station. One of our most important goals at the moment is raising $2,100 USD for a new stretcher. Their current one is damaged and needs to be replaced. Make a donation today and include “Ambulance Supplies” in the message if you specifically want to support this goal!

Thank you all for your contributions!

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All proceeds purchase humanitarian aid

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