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December Medical Supply Shipment

In December two of our Bozeman-based URE volunteers flew from Montana to Poland with 7 50 lb boxes of donated medical supplies and 1 box of warm clothing and Christmas presents. The medical supplies were collected from donors in Montana. URE volunteers sorted and organized the supplies and packed the

highest-priority items for the December shipment. They prioritize based on their medical knowledge and on a list of needed supplies provided by the head of the hospital we are working with in Ukraine. Along with these medical supplies, this shipment included a box of warm clothing and Christmas presents to give to an orphanage outside of Lviv.

To transport the supplies to their first stop in Warsaw, Poland, our volunteers traveled about 29 hours including layovers and driving. For the second leg of the journey, the boxes were picked up by Polish volunteers in Warsaw and driven through Poland then into Ukraine. The volunteers made stops in Poland to collect additional supplies. The packages were delivered to the hospital and aid center in Kopychyntsi, Ukraine and to the orphanage. URE is so thankful for the donors and volunteers who helped us end 2022 with another great accomplishment!

Check out our volunteers' video documenting the first leg of the journey!

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All proceeds purchase humanitarian aid

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