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October Medical Supply Shipment

The flights are booked and the boxes are packed! URE volunteers Rob Ament and Cathy Trainor are heading to Poland on October 15 to transport and deliver another load of crucial medical supplies. These supplies were donated by the Bozeman/Montana community including Bozeman Deaconess Hospital, Billings Clinic, private donors, and several other incredible clinics.

Once in Poland, Cathy and Rob will work with our Polish contacts to gather and purchase more supplies. Once the cargo vans are fully loaded they will drive into Ukraine and deliver them to the aid center and hospital in Kopychyntsi. The supplies serve to support IDPs (internally displaced people) in the city itself and some are sent on to other regions and the front line based on the current needs. Rob and Cathy plan to spend their time in Kopychyntsi volunteering in the aid center and as medical support.

Learn more about these awesome volunteers!

Rob is the Road Ecology program manager for the Western Transportation Institute at Montana State University and the senior conservationist for the Center for Large Landscape Conservation. Rob involves himself in a variety of causes that serve to help make a more just world. This includes volunteering at a women's shelter and an animal shelter and for causes such as wildlife rescue, child advocacy, and immigrant education.

Cathy is an EMT, a member of the Big Sky volunteer ski patrol, and a student at Montana State University. This will be her second trip to Ukraine this year. During her first trip in April, she helped transport medical supply donations from Bozeman and then served a 21-day deployment as a medical volunteer with Global Disaster Relief Team on the Ukrainian-Polish border.

If you would like to support them please donate through our Support Our Sister City campaign.

If you are interested in donating medical supplies please reach out to

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All proceeds purchase humanitarian aid

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