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Karolina Konieczna

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My name is Karolina Konieczna and I have a very strong history background from my cultures and from traveling around the world. Attending your undergraduate program at MSU, would unlock my architecture career in the I wish to help my friends and family during these hard times. I am fortunate to be friends with an amazing network in Poland. My goal is - not to be hopeless, give better help, to create and be a part of something small that has the power to transform a person's life, community, and improve the quality of life through solutions.

Nevertheless, I am and my team are hard workers and we learn very fast, and we grow. I am proud of my team and how they are amazing, the fulfillment of accomplishment; and provide authenticity to future great solutions. I moved to Bozeman to succeed and accomplish something and proudly I can say I have made a tiny footprint on the future world that we are living in,

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