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Week 2

Updated: May 13, 2022

With more than a million people fleeing Ukraine, we focused our work on supporting volunteer drivers who were bringing emergency supplies into Ukraine and helping people evacuate. Due to the bombing in civilian areas, people were injured and needed urgent medical help. The situation in Ukraine was becoming more difficult - roads and electrical plants were being destroyed, and people were losing access to energy, water, and internet.

On March 10, URE held an event on the MSU campus in Bozeman to share our work with MSU students and the general public. Oksana and Yuliya told the stories of their families trying to flee Ukraine.

URE continues to grow as an organization. We first grew from one person to two, and by the end of Week 2, we grew from two people to six. As we develop our operations, we will be more efficient and prepared for further challenges in the coming days and weeks. Week 2 donations for medical supplies will be spent during week 3, for whatever purchases are needed most critically. Our volunteer network in Poland will assess which supplies are needed, and whether it is more cost efficient to purchase the supplies in Poland or in the US.

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