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Through the support of our community adding new volunteers and connections, our reach has grown to diverse aspects of the relief effort. Our address of each is centered on the approach we have had since the beginning–providing a means for those who stand with Ukraine to give directly toward the immediate needs of war victims.


URE Ukraine Volunteer Network

URE sends funding to a trusted personal contact in Ukraine works with three teams of volunteers in Odessa and Izmail to purchase and distribute medical and essential supplies to refugees.

Direct aid inside Ukraine

URE Poland Volunteer Network

URE sends funding to our grassroots volunteer network in Poland that supports refugees by providing transportation from Ukrainian cities to the border, coordinating safe places to stay, and purchasing and transporting supplies (medical, clothing, and food).

Direct aid for refugees

Medical Supply Donation Program

Life-saving surplus medical supplies are thrown out in the US everyday. Instead, we collect and ship them to our volunteer network in Poland to be distributed in refugee shelters and driven into Ukraine to hospitals treating war victims.

Montana Hospitals & Clinics

Meet Real-time Needs

The situation in Ukraine is complex and changes quickly. We send funds and supplies to grassroots relief efforts in Ukraine and Poland to direct aid to where it is immediately needed.

Support Our Sister City

Kopychyntsi, Ukraine, and Bozeman, MT, have been connected since before the war even began. Stand with us as we support this key refuge community.

Kopychyntsi, Ukraine

Help Provide Food Kits in Odessa Oblast

On-The-Ground volunteers are working to provide food kits to affected individuals and IDP shelters in Odessa. The food kits feed a family of 4 for 2 weeks and cost approximately 35 USD.

Fund purchase and transportation of food kits

Help Send Donated Medical Supplies

To transport medical supply donations from Bozeman to Poland in the most efficient manner, URE volunteers book flights and travel with the supplies as excess baggage. Upon arrival in Poland, the supplies are transferred to a cargo van then driven into Ukraine. For the majority of the trips so far volunteers have personally paid for their flights. In order to increase the number of deliveries by making it more financially feasible for volunteers, we are asking donors to consider helping with the flight costs.

Transportation Costs

Fund Operating Expenses

We want to send as much aid to Ukrainian refugees as possible but we do have operating costs. We need help covering costs like shipping, collection bins, transportation, promotion materials and more.

Minimal Overhead Costs

Sponsor a Ukrainian Student

Join us in welcoming Ukrainian art student Diana to Montana State University!

Montana State University

Architecture Program Outreach

MSU administrators and students are working to develop a curriculum to design architectural solutions in Ukraine and Poland. URE student volunteers will gather project and site information on a trip in July to inform the program.

Montana State University


All proceeds purchase humanitarian aid


The war in Ukraine has destroyed countless homes and communities, causing many families to displace to other parts of the country. The families we serve fled their homes and have been living in houses that lack basic living amenities such as indoor plumbing and modern heating. They have had to improvise kitchens, bathrooms, washrooms, laundry, and even waste disposal. Ukraine Relief Effort's team living in Ukraine, including one American, is renovating houses to provide dignified living condition for these families. 


The strain that the war puts on Ukraine's medical system extends far beyond the front lines. Thousands of communities across the country welcomed those fleeing battle torn areas, but willingness to help and supply inventories don't always match. URE has been collaborating with a community in western Ukraine to ease the strain of this increase in population. We communicate directly with the hospital in Ukraine, and with hospitals and clinics in Montana, USA to collect the most needed supplies. We then coordinate shipment by land, sea, and air.


URE's Programs and Projects



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Ukraine Relief Effort is a non-profit organization that is raising funds to provide much needed medical equipment

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