These businesses and organizations have unequivocally demonstrated their commitment to stand with Ukraine by supporting our relief efforts through funding, supplies, and other aid. Please, choose to do business with those who have shown such incredible generosity to a country in crisis.


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Since the war in Ukraine started, Karolina Konieczna, a Montana State University graduate student from Poland, has been working tirelessly to provide funding and organizational support to a network of Polish friends that are helping refugees both in Ukraine and Poland. Inspired by her actions, other volunteers joined forces and organized the Bozeman-based Ukraine Relief Effort. URE is dedicated to supporting the efforts of the on-the-ground volunteers.

URE started by a group of Bozeman residents responding to the needs and requests of friends and family that were being directly affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine beginning on February 24th, 2022. Within the first couple months, funding and logistical aid was provided to transport, house, and support more than 50 women and children out of Ukraine and into safety. As the struggle in Ukraine persisted, the demand for aid continued and the URE was officially formed in order to better provide assistance on a continuous basis. The URE is now dedicated to providing relief to Ukrainian people, the medical field within Ukraine, and providing community support from providing housing solutions to supplying food.

The URE continues to help individuals that reach out in need of funding, resources, or logistic aid, however the overall goal has begun to shift towards providing assistance to communities, towns, cities, and other humanitarian relief efforts within Ukraine. Although URE does not restrict itself to the humanitarian support it provides to the people of Ukraine, the bigger picture must be realized. The two outstanding long-term goals of the organization are categorized under Medical Aid and Architecture Support. The most benefit to the city and people is not only by providing immediate aid in the form of food, shelter and funding, but by planning ahead and ensuring that the medical field is able to keep up with the influx of war inflicted injuries. This means ensuring they have the necessary equipment and medical supplies, as well as the proper space in which to treat patients- a point of interest that prior to the war, was already in dire need of attention.



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When we started giving our own money and collecting money from our family and friends, we weren't concerned with documenting what our donations bought — we were giving it directly to our friends and family in Poland who were coordinating help for Ukrainians. These are people that we know, love, and trust. Now that we are asking you to trust us with your donations, and to trust our network of volunteers, we are trying to document their uses of our donation money as best we can. We want our donors to know how their money is helping. 

Our donations are effective because they are direct and flexible — the volunteers spend our money on what refugees need right now. This flexibility, along with the chaos of the war, can make documentation difficult. We are doing our best, and will continue to improve our methods. If you have any questions, please email us. We encourage anyone to visit our Bozeman team to see how our donations are being used.

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